Annual Conference of the New Zealand MetSociety 2019

Mon 25 - Wed 27 Nov 2019

Victoria University of Wellington, Te Toki a Rata Building, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand Map

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The annual conference of the Meteorological Society of New Zealand will be held in Wellington from Monday 25.11.19 to 27.11.19, with the conference dinner on the evening of 26.11.19.

The conference will cover all aspects of climatology and meteorology, from observations, numerical predictions to research and climate projections, including (but are not limited to) the large-scale circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, ocean-atmosphere interactions and physical oceanography, remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry, urban meteorology, air pollution, hydrological applications, agricultural- and bio-meteorology, weather and climate hazards and impacts, including global change, and the history of New Zealand meteorology and oceanography.

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